Image by Brian Jones


Hear It From Me

This blog is an opportunity for me to create awareness for the vast number of Fantasy Football podcasts either audio, video, or both that are out there.

The reviews will be both a critique and my opinion. If podcasters can be opinionated and critique the NFL and its players, then listeners and possible subscribers can be opinionated and critique the podcasts and their hosts. "What's good for the goose..." 

There will be aspects that you will agree with, and disagree with. My expectations of what makes for a good Fantasy Football podcast may differ from yours. My hope is that it stimulates thought-provoking discussion and new likes and subscribers for podcast hosts and their staff who work hard and deserve to be recognized.

If with my help you find one or two podcasts that you were previously unaware of and they help you win your league, and/or some money, then I have done my job.