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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The Fantasy Flock Network is the brain child of company owner and host Mason Dodd. Flock Network LLC is a sports media network that is spread across four separate channels. These channels include the FANTASY FLOCK NETWORK, DYNASTY FOOTBALL FLOCK, FANTASY BASKETBALL FLOCK, and FANTASY BASEBALL FLOCK.


PRE-PRODUCTION - The Planning, Mapping, Strategy, & Concept of the show


Knows what they want to accomplish (Yes/No)

Knows their audience (Yes/No)

Knows what they want to get across to their audience (Yes/No)

Knows what the audience should do after watching the video (Yes/No)

Knows what the audience needs to see after watching the video (Yes/No)

Segments are easy to understand and follow, they flow well, and fit within a

tolerable time frame (Yes/No)

PRODUCTION - The Recording of the show


Knowledgeable (Yes/No)

Well-Spoken (Yes/No)

Coherent (Yes/No)

Confident (Yes/No)

Entertaining (Yes/No) Could be better

Tone (Natural/Engaging) Monotone

Personable (Yes?No)

Passionate (Yes/No)

Accurate (Yes/No)

Authentic (Yes/No)

Sense of Humor (Yes/No) Somewhat. Seems forced


Camera Framing/Positioning - Host is centered

Lighting - Can see light reflecting on picture frame behind host

Prop Placement - Only 3 frames each with a players jersey

Background - See prop placement

Does the studio feel welcoming and inviting? (Yes/No)


PRODUCERS & DIRECTORS (I believe the host is both producer and director)

Segment Content, Flow and Time - Flawless

Relevant Topics (Latest NFL news, ADP, ECR, Waiver wire, etc.) Flawless

Camera Angles/Shot Selection - Single stationary camera

Host/Guest Performance - Excellent

Audio Levels - Appropriate

Use of appropriate music, text and graphics - No music or text/fonts. Graphics


Inclusion of sponsors, social media affiliations and site promotion - Use of social

media affiliations and site promotion.

Manage show time - Excellent

POST-PRODUCTION - The Editing of the show


Transitions, Text, Graphics (Sponsors, Social Media, etc.), Music, Audio, Special

Effects, Coloring, Voiceovers

Overall transitions were very good, little to no use of texts/fonts, good use of

graphics (well placed), no music, audio was okay, excellent use of special

effects, coloring was good. Enjoyed the Chris Collinsworth voiceover in the

open. Open needs to get viewers excited about content.


Crisp, Clear, Levels (High/Low) Appropriate


Does It Tell The Story? (Yes/No)


Crisp or Washed Out and Faded - I would say good


Light or Dark


Normal 20-45 minutes. The three I reviewed averaged about 20 minutes.


Should compliment the podcast tone and mood, help communicate the core

message, appropriate for target audience and match the pace of the edit.

No music. Would work great for the open and close of the podcast.


Show progresses well, little to no down time, or technical issues.

Steady pace.


Overall the podcast is strong. The host welcomes us with a smile and good eye contact. He introduces the topic and is real and down to earth. He is not fake trying to be someone he is not. He asks for a like and subscribe at the beginning and end of each podcast, which prevents interruption of the content. The host discusses subscriber issues and addresses them immediately. He makes solid points and provides a lot of information and stats. He consistently tries to educate his viewers by providing excellent player and situational comparisons, pros and cons for each player, stats, rankings and team fit. The host is relatable, provides good transitions between topics and admits when he is wrong. He poses thought-provoking questions, reminds the viewers about player history whether good or bad, and gives interesting facts promoting food for thought. The host discusses the players current and possible future situation. Good placement of social media affiliations. He teases the next video and thanks new subscribers by name.

Improvements can be made by adding some well placed music and humor, adding better lighting and more props and interesting items to the background. The host doesn't need to spend time calling out a subscriber or someone who comments when they are wrong about something. Just continue with the content, it will justify your stance. Educate with your information. Recognizing these people takes away from your current viewers. Consequently, don't recognize the trolls. It gives them a platform and again takes away from your current viewers.

I whole-heartedly recommend the Fantasy Flock Network. The hosts extensive knowledge, confidence and thought-provoking statements and questions gave me different perspectives on my current thinking. I look for podcasts that give me something else to think about. Visit the site, watch a few videos and judge for yourself. If you like what you see and hear, give them a like, subscribe, and consider joining the flock. They will be flying high in no time. Can't wait to see what this channel looks like after they move into their new studio. I'll be watching. Maybe I'll see you there.

After visiting the channel come back and share your thoughts. Also, comment on their site letting them know where you heard about them. If you know of a podcast that I should review please let me know and I will add it to my list.

You can find Mason Dodd on Instagram @MASON_DODD on Twitter @BUILDTHEDYNASTY and on Patreon at

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