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What makes for a good podcast?

What do you think?


For each podcast I will randomly choose 3 video/audio shows for review. I will then use the criteria below for each podcast to find a consensus that will be used as a baseline for the review. 

Why I Hit That Subscribe Button

A good podcast for me is one that is solely focused on the player. Provide me with information, stats, data and any correlation that either supports or rejects the drafting of said player. If you provide an opinion, don't be biased, state both the pros and cons and a thoughtful reason for the decision. Don't push your opinion on me, or talk down to me. You're here to help me understand the game and make me a better player. Don't blatantly be about the money. We all would like to be successful, but don't make me feel like that's all you care about. If you want me to LIKE, HIT THAT BELL, AND SUBSCRIBE...You need to be REAL and PASSIONATE about the game and me the listener. Understand, I don't care about your trolls, and don't want to hear about them. You are taking time away from me. Don't disrespect the players. No player in the NFL "SUCKS" they have ALL accomplished something that very few get to. When you do this, you show your ass. 

Podcast Criteria

Hosts – Knowledgeable, Interactive, Passionate, Well-spoken, Coherent, Confident, Entertaining.

Production – Content, Focused, Accurate, Authentic, Concise, Well placed comedy, Relevant topics (Latest news, Waiver Wire, Injuries, Etc.), Guests, Emails, Call In’s, Listener Questions, Open, Middle, End of Show (Tease next show), How many shows per week.

Environment – Welcoming, Well Lit, Background, Camera angles.

Visuals – Placement, Graphics, Props, Colors, Fonts, Social Media.

Audio – Music/Vocals mixed well, not muffled.

Sound – Clear, Crisp.

Tone – Engaging & Personable, Lively.

Flow – Progresses well, Little to No Down time, Issues.

Duration – If informative, Engaging, Entertaining and flows well. I will listen.