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Fantasy Football Podcasts: THE BLOG


2009 Fantasy baseball

First fantasy football league – 8-Team standard snake


ESPN, Yahoo, Fleaflicker, FFPC, FanDuel, Draft Kings

League Types

Standard, PPR, Auction, Best Ball, DFS, IDP, Dynasty/Keeper


League Commissioner, Multi-year League champion on various platforms, Draft Kings Tournament winner.

I am creating this blog because I just thought, why not? I mean, I have been watching and listening to Fantasy Football Podcasts for many years and frequently find myself laughing, crying, mumbling, cursing, shaking my head, nodding…You get what I mean.

So one day my wife mentioned an internet personality whom she admires having among other sites, a blog. DING (BELL goes off/LIGHT BULB goes on). Comment bubble above head reads...FOOTBALL, FANTASY FOOTBALL, FANTASY FOOTBALL PODCASTS…Duh!

My initial introduction to Fantasy Football came in 2009 after becoming very frustrated with Fantasy Baseball. I was introduced to Fantasy Baseball by a friend of mine who thought I’d love it, so he asked me to join his league. He forgot that I am super anal when it comes to research. If I am interested and passionate about something, I will research the sh*t out of it. I NEED TO KNOW. However, with Fantasy Baseball, you have to be prepared everyday. With a wife, four kids, and a full-time job, there was no way I could keep up and maintain my standards. Therein lies my frustration, so I told him that this fantasy stuff just wasn’t for me and left the league.

Knowing I loved football as well, he said, “What about fantasy football”? I said,  “Dude really, didn’t we just have this conversation”? Once he mentioned that I had a week for my decision-making and described in depth how to play, I was hooked.

Fantasy Football is year long for me. I begin looking to the next year during the start of the second half of a current season. I look for trends and news (possible hold-outs) during the off-season and just store them away. Then the draft, mini-camp, pre-season games, injuries, coach speak, breakouts, sleepers, rookies, etc. I could go on.

This is going to sound like a resume but, I am passionate, competitive, and just love everything about this thing. If you know of a podcast you want me to highlight, please comment and I will add it to my list, if it is not already on there.